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Pool Tables For Sale in Carmel Indiana

The Pool table movers SOLO® of Carmel have years of experience providing professional billiard services in Carmel Indiana and across the USA.

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Pool Tables For Sale in Carmel is courtesy of SOLO® Pool Table Movers. Search and find the perfect billiard table for you.

All of our services are backed by an ABIA guarantee, for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service.

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Pool tables for sale in Carmel, Indiana

Browse current listings of billiard tables for sale, if you are thinking of buying a used pool table, once you find it, do not hesitate to call our professionals to get your free quote for the move.


We know perfectly well that having a professional billiard table assembly with an accurate level is the most important factor to enjoy an optimum playing experience.

For this reason, the Carmel Pool Table Movers SOLO® is backed by the only national organization in our industry. We guarantee our workmanship which includes the leveling for a whole year!

Taking this into consideration, we have put together information detailing the price and cost to move a pool table analysis to help you make an informed decision.

We offer a wide variety of services that could benefit the pool tables for sale listed

Sell a pool table in Carmel, Indiana

We are certified pool table movers, we also have vast experience in a wide array of other pool table services.

Complete pool table moves from one house to another from a residence to a business and vice versa, moves to a garage or storage unit, a tear down only, expert setup or installation with leveling, and pool table repair services.

Is the felt on your pool table worn out and in need of replacement? Refelting with new material ensures that you get the most out of your billiard table.

Moving pool tables on a regular basis has naturally given us unrivaled expertise in being able to save the existing felt and refuse it in most cases, With this in mind, we can refelt your table with the existing material during setup or carry out a full billiard table recovering with new felt.

We have a wide variety of color options to fit your decorative needs. We take pride in our workmanship. All of our services plus the felt provided are covered under our exclusive guarantee.

Your satisfaction is what has made us the largest and most professional company in the industry.

Used pool tables for sale listings in Carmel / sell a pool table here for free

On the other hand, if you want to sell a pool table, go ahead and post your ad on our national site. Whether you’re sizing down, need to relocate, or perhaps are looking to upgrade your current table. We can help you sell a pool table by offering this free service.

If you are looking for a billiard table that has a bigger playing surface, we advise that you measure your game room dimensions to make sure that it will properly fit to play comfortably.

We are a pool table installers company with years of experience in billiard services in Carmel, Indiana, and across the USA. All of our services are backed by an ABIA guarantee, for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service.

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